2019 Artist Residency Host Committee

Join the Artist Residency Host Committee to support Manitoga and the 2019 Artist Residency and Annual Performance

CelebraTE MANITOGA's 2019 Season

Close Your Physical Eye by Michele Oka Doner

Quarry by Ivy Baldwin Dance Company

Artist Michele Oka Doner’s work and Wright’s Manitoga are rooted in the sacredness of nature – its force, transcendence, eternal spirit, and timelessness. The primal, elemental force of Fire has long held Oka Doner’s artistic attention. An ancient trunk she foraged from Manitoga’s woodlands will transform through fire into a darkened bronze Burning Star with sixteen points of candle light. From gathered hemlock bark have emerged her gods and goddesses - AliveSovereign, ScionDuressArrival, and Begotten – bark becomes skin, expressively alive in six larger-than-life textured monoprints on handmade paper. Oka Doner’s powerful, soulful figures alternate between poised balance and graceful motion encircling the viewer.

Choreographer Ivy Baldwin and her seven dancers will present Quarry, a site-specific work with original score for Manitoga that takes inspiration from Wright’s desire to blur the lines between outside and inside, nature and the man-made; and from his deep commitment to experimentation with form and material. At the fall premiere, Quarry will magnify Wright’s vision and Manitoga’s dramatic variations on scale and intimacy as the audience moves with dancers through the landscape

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Host Committee Benefits Include:

Private Reception at Oka Doner’s NYC Studio, April 10, 6pm

Opening Celebration of Close Your Physical Eye, Manitoga, June 8, 5-7pm

Summer Solstice al fresco dinner, 6pm, June 21
(Sponsor Level)

Premiere of Quarry, Manitoga, September 21


Lead Sponsors / David McAlpin & Nanci Heller McAlpin, William Burback & Peter Hofmann, Marilyn & Jim Simons

Sponsors / Tom Krizmanic, Gary & Laura Maurer              

Supporters / Robert Aresty & Aleta Wolfe, Sidney Babcock & José Roméu, Allison Cross & Henry Nye, Doug & Ellen DeNicola, David Diamond & Karen Zukowski, Lyn & John Fischbach, Melissa Meyers & Wilbur Foster, Dick Polich & Cathy Kuttner Polich, Frederic C. Rich, Bill Roos & Scott Olsen, Alison Spear  

Artist Residency Program support also provided by the Manitoga Leadership Council and Design Circle, Ralph E. Ogden Foundation, PCLB Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Top: Michele Oka Doner, Doner Studio, photo by Gerald Forster; Bottom: Ivy Baldwin, Keen [No. 2], Abrons Arts Center, photo by Maria Baranova