Publications and Essays

A collection of articles and essays regarding Russel Wright and Manitoga from the Archives.

Publications and Essays 

"If it had been built in Japan, Manitoga would be a national monument, visited by processions of pilgrims."
Ian McHarg - A Temple to Ecological Design


"Of all my projects, I am most proud of Dragon Rock and I'm glad that Manitoga is determined to restore it to its original state, open for public enjoyment."
David L. Leavitt - The Origins of Dragon Rock


"Russel Wright's mid 20th century designs transformed the appearance of the American home. "
Malcolm Holzman - Transforming the American Home


"Every newlywed couple from the late 1930s through the 50s knew his name, stamped on the bottom of their new china, along with all the other useful and handsome objects that made them proud to be Americans."
Dianne Pilgrim - A Singular Artist


"Russel Wright revolutionized the American home and the way people lived there."
Donald Albrecht - Russel Wright - 1904-1976